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Information Risk Management

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Is your organisation Safe?

Every organization faces risks—both known and unknown. Many organizations routinely assess risk, not only in the technology space, but also throughout the enterprise. And every day, enterprises seek to optimize risk, thereby ensuring the most advantageous return on investment while sustaining business continuity.

Risk changes almost daily, and IT security leaders are effectively forced to identify and address threats and vulnerabilities continuously to prevent exposure of important data and maintain risk tolerances at acceptable levels.

Risk is a part of every organization’s daily operations. Risk comes in different forms, and can cause varying degrees of disruption and damage—or alternatively, return varying rates of business value. Risk tends to increase over time as a result of increasing complexity. A recent survey conducted by ISACA, indicates that overall risk increased over the last 12 months across surveyed industries.

Who can take this course

  • Senior management, the mission owners, who make decisions about the IT security budget.
  • Chief Information Officers, who ensure the implementation of risk management
  • IT security program manager
  • Information system security officers
  • System administrators
  • Technical support personnel
  • IT system owners and Information owners
  • Business or functional managers
  • Any Body wanting to start a career in Risk Management


A basic understanding of information security and information security management topics is helpful for students attending this class.

However a strong background in any of these skills is not a pre-requisite for the class. In the class participants will be taught a step by step approach for performing a risk assessment regardless of their technical information security or management background.

What you will get

The ability to perform risk management is crucial for organizations hoping to defend their systems. Therefore every organization, whether they do so in an organized manner or not, will make priority decision on how best to defend their valuable data assets. Perform a complete risk assessment.

  • Inventory an organization’s most critical information assets.
  • Perform intensive risk assessment
  • Assign a data owner and custodian to an information asset.
  • Assign classification values to critical information assets.
  • Prioritize risk remediation efforts as a result of performing a risk assessment.
  • Evaluate risk management models for use in their own organization.

Course Curriculum

1. What is Risk
2. Risk Management
3. Risk management Objectives
4. Principles of Risk management
5. Risk Assessment and Analysis
6. Risk Management Strategies
7.Control Selection and Implementation
8. Risk Management Roles and Responsibilities
9. Risk Management Plan
10. Supply Chain Risks
11. Personnel Management
12. Awareness and Training
13. Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
14. Incident Response

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