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Software Security Assessment – Is your Software Secure?

Many organizations use custom-developed or purchased software to achieve their unique business objectives. These solutions can present great security vulnerabilities as a result of malicious and/or careless developers who create back doors, buffer overflow vulnerabilities, or other weaknesses that can leave a system open to exploitation by malicious individuals. Organizations develop IT systems to meet important business objectives, such as: Improving competitiveness, Increasing productivity and efficiency Accelerating growth, Supporting innovation and reducing costs.

Our team will explore the foundations of software security in all the systems within your organization. We make consideration to important software vulnerabilities and attacks that exploit them — such as buffer overflows, SQL injection, and session hijacking — and we advice on measures and defenses that prevent or mitigate these attacks, including advanced testing and program analysis techniques.

Importantly, we take a “build security in” mentality, considering techniques at each phase of the development or acquisition cycle that can be used to strengthen the security of software systems for both in-house and purchased software.

After a successful completion of this activity, your organization will be able to achieve the following;

  • Enhanced information security to your organization’s system development and acquisition
  • Reviewed security requirements and recommendations for your organizations systems
  • Ensure that the appropriate security controls are applied to your software systems
  • Continuous monitoring of systems and detailed report analysis
  • Assessed  and tested software Security
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